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vrf noise in 1419 Mutifunction Card

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 11, 2000
Hi everyone. 

I was wondering if anyone has programmed with the 1419 Multifunction card much.

I have a test program that reads millivolt drops of electrical switches and my problem is when I run the program I am getting floating ranges of anywhere from 25 to 6 milivolt readings with nothing hooked up, just the program running picken measurements out of the air, then when I hook up a load, I get about a 1 volt reading of the source power supply.  Is there anyway to make sure that this reading is noise in the area and nothing in the vxi chassis or programming causing this.  I am getten ready to try diffrent sheilding and field wiring, but thought that someone else might have ran into a simular problem and may have a few pointers.

This is the first program we have tried to run with this and are very new to the VXI world.  We are running Win NT 4 with Vee 5.0

Thanks in advance to anyone who has any answers and can help

Justin Pallas
QA Product Validation Tech.

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