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vrf Capturing trace from digital O'Scope

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 19, 2000

We are doing operating time studies on 24 VDC relays using a Tektronix TDS
210 scope.
Using VEE, its now set up to format and output the scope screen to a DeskJet
printer using the
centronics port. 

I would like to import the screen as a BMP file and display it in a picture
box.  When the correct
format commands to do this are sent to the scope, the parameters show up on
the right side of the scope display.  When the "HARDC STAR" command is sent
to initiate the transfer of the BMP data, I get the commands echoed back and
then no data is sent and after a while it generates a time out error.

Anyone work with Tektronix scopes?

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