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Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 9, 1999
> Subject: RE: vrf Vrf: Formula with control input
> Hi Bruce,
> it may that you are right. But then this has to be a  documented feature.

I don't have the VEE 5.0 manuals, but the HP VEE Advanced Programming
Techniques manual for VEE 4.0 (page A-6) states that "UserFunctions will not
time-slice, nor will breakpoints work, when called from a To File, To String,
or similar objects, or if the formula is supplied via a control pin."  The
same statement can be found in the VEE 5.0 on-line help file, although it
could be better located.  (Do a Find on "time-slice" and select the
"Step Into" topic.)

> The problen is also that you are not able to debug those functions.

See above.

> Are you sure, that the VEE developers won't change this? I am not.

I am not sure either.  I work in an Agilent field sales office and am not
associated with the VEE factory team.  My comment was that users are taking
advantage of the current operation, not that it was designed to work that

> I am would not be happy to be forced to change my old programs. The best 
> possibility would be a object to stop threading and start threading. In
> former days in the HP-Bacic-World we had the chance to program those things.

I also would like to avoid having to change "working" programs.  I would also
like to see some additional control over VEE threads - such as start/stop
control, priorities, critical (uninterruptible) code sections, etc. - and
would expect such new features to require some changes.  I do think that it
would be worth it.

Best regards,

Bruce Wenner
Agilent Technologies

P.S.  Thank you for your frequent and helpful contributions to the VEE
      It is appreciated by all.

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