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AW: vrf Tabulated alphanumeric display

Question asked by bernhardt on Mar 9, 2000
Hi Erdem,

is this what you need?

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[]Im Auftrag von Erdem Canbay
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 9. Mrz 2000 09:07
Betreff: vrf Tabulated alphanumeric display

hii all,
I have a two dimensional array [80,7] with 7 columns and 80 rows.
I directed this array to an alphanumeric display. This dispaly refreshes

continuously. Therefore, the width of the columns change continuously.
it is impossible to read this display clearly. Is there any way to put
an 2D array
in a tabulated manner to the screen. I need a grid option. I looked to
the web
for ActiveX controls for grids. But all of them are professional and not
Thanks your advice

Erdem Canbay
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