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vrf com with an Access DB

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 17, 1999
Hello everyone,

We are developping a software to aquire and treat signals from a
We have severals sensors and amplifiers on the benchtest, and each must
have its description of its caracteristics in an Access database.
Sensors and amplifiers are listed in pack-liste, which is different for
each test. The pack-liste are stored in the database too.
I have to make our soft communicate with the database, to store,
retrieve, and modify the data in the DB.
I chose to make them communicate with activeX (as the exemple files do),
sending SQL commands.
In the DB, each sensors (and amplifier, pack-liste) is called with an
I have a problem to reach the sensor ( or the amplifier, pack-liste)
that I want.
Does anyone have a solution to reach a specific line in a DB and then
reach each column.
Is it possible to use, in a VEE soft ,a form made in an Access DB?

Thank you,



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