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vrf VEE / Access files

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 12, 2000
Attached is a zip file containing two files:

1) ActiveX_Userfunction_desc.doc -- contains written documentation for all
userfunctions and userobjects in accompanying .vee file.

2) ADO_library.vee -- contains several userfunctions and userobjects used to
interact with Access from VEE.

Note that I am using ADO 2.1(ActiveX Data Objects) and Jet 4.0 (the Access
database engine).  Both of these upgrades are available for free from
Microsoft.  See  It's possible
you can use lower revisions by changing the references as needed.  (I was
using Jet 3.5 until recently.)

Finally, in a shameless act of self promotion, I am available for
programming.  See for more info.

Good luck!

Roger Martin