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Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 14, 2000
I was interested to read the stuff on remote control of computers. I do a
similar thing. I currently use VEE on a local PC to control two pieces of
hardware hundreds of miles away. These are an oscilloscope and a dual power
supply unit (PSU). Both have RS232 ports. I currently use two ISDN terminal
adapters, so the local site set up is :

PC - ISDN TA - ISDN wall socket

At the remote site I have :

ISDN wall socket - ISDN TA - oscilloscope and PSU.

The TAs have two DTE ports, so I connect COM1 and COM2 of my local PC to the
local TA. At the remote site I plug the scope into DTE1 port of remote TA
and PSU into DTE2 port of remote TA.

I then use Direct I/O from VEE to dial each ISDN number for each DTE port (
using Multi Subscriber Networking). My program performs a continuous loop so
I can show real-time traces on my local PC of my remote scope, plus I use
icons to throw switches at the remote site by sending the relevant commands
to my PSU at the remote site.

There are several issues that I'd like to clear up regarding error control,
TCP/IP, X.75 and ISDN/remote TA line testing, but these can wait for a
while. I really need to know if  the pcAnywhere/LAN Gateway  solutions would
be a better way of doing the above mentioned application.

Can ISDN be used quite happily with pcAnywhere ?
Can I use  the LAN Gateway method to control my remote hardware if it has
RS232 OR GPIB connections ?
What speed (bps) can I get ?
Where is the weakest link in the communication path?
Can I perform remote testing of the remote hardware to pinpoint faults ?
Can I replicate my lab setup, by using VEE to control all my hardware using
2 meter IEEE-488 cables, all from my local PC. ?
Is one system better than the other in terms of security ?

Using whichever method, can VEE still be the front-end that I see on my
computer ? I would prefer this due to VEE's efficient user-defined display

Any comments would be appreciated

Dan Besgrove

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