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vrf I/O Lib Problem (J0101)

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 11, 2000
Hi All,
my configuration is VXI mainframe with HP E8491A FireWire and
E1467A switch matrices,VXI CustomBoard, E1441ARbGen and
E1415 ACLC. A 82350 GPIB card is installed and OS is WIN NT
SP 6a.
After installing the latest revision of I/O Libs (J0101) I had problems
to access Dig I/O SCPs from HP E1415A by using bit access like
I141.B0 ( in the algorithm code ). The byte access like I141 works
fine. Because of that I had to install the old VXI PnP driver and the
I/O Lib rev H0102. With this config everything works fine regarding
to the E1415 SCP access but since the downgrade of drivers there
are two new problems with the I/O Libs. They hang sometimes if I
relogon as different user and sometimes the E8491A shows a
system error on the yellow LED. The sys error requires a hard
reset of the mainframe and the hang error a reboot of the PC.
We use three system with the same config and old drivers
(E1415VXI PnP A0204, I/O Lib H0102) and these are very reliable.
What is going on here ?
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you, Best Regards
BTW: Why are the VISA and VXI PnP drivers are installed at
Program FilesVISA (I/O Libs J0101) and no longer under
C:VXIPnP ? VEE5.02 is not able to find installed drivers when they
are installed that way.

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