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vrf Test Data Sheets

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 26, 2000
I know this is a real basic question but I can't figure out how to do this.
I want to make a test data sheet.  I want it in plain text.  I see the
example in the User's Guide that exports the results into the Excel
spreadsheet using ActiveX.  That's nice but it's beyond what I need.  I just
want a plain text data sheet that I can pull up in Notepad if I have to.
I have taken the output of my sequencer and fed it to a To File object, but
the data has brackets and is comma delimited and not in the correct format.
The frustrating part of this is I've seen it done before.  At that time, I
was a Vee user and not a Vee programmer.

Thanks in advance,

Shawn Crossland
Digital Receiver Technology Inc.
(301) 916-5554 ext. 148

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