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Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 19, 2000
I am ruuning a 8722C network analyzer. Is there a panel driver option to install into the 8722C? I see the panel driver on the VEE 5.0 program screen and the screen matches, I am trying to get the raw data into my program but there's not way to do it,,

the 8722c says

caution:optional function:not installed.

if I want to get the file4 which is the cal saved to the 8722C, how do I specify in VEE 5.0? I can't direct the PC to a director on the 8722C??

Direct I/O does not have options to read file4 saved cal, My task seems simple in concept, but to implement.

Task at hand

1) cal
2) take Data

Using VEE, help

I have the dat tech name , Lot#., and the method as queries in the program and that writes to file OK,

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