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pn_diode.mdl cap extraction using hspice simulator

Question asked by bharatindana on Dec 14, 2009
I am using IC-CAP 2008 640.200.
I tried to simulate the following example model file provided with IC-CAP
pn_diode.mdl uses spice2 as the default simulator.
After extraction and simulation the obtained idvd and cjd plots are satisfactory.
Now I changed the simulator to HSPICE and tried to re-simulate.
The idvd plot is satisfactory but the Cjd curve is abnormal.
Why is it so? As HSPICE also supports the D model used by spice2 I donot find any reason why the cap plot should be abnormal.
Could anyone check it out and help me out of this? I am using HSPICE 2004.03-sp1.