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vrf An HP E2050A Problem.

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 28, 2000

Telnet to your E2050A gateway using its IP address.  Two configuration
parameters that it uses are:


If the value is set to 0, there is no timeout.  I have mine set to what I
believe to be the default settings which are:

  lan-timeout    0
  io-timeout    15

I have not had any problems or timeouts with these settings.  Take a look
and try these values.

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Hello everybody,
I use an HP E2050A in order to control an HP 34970 via network. When I
start Vee and load the test program, it works fine. But when I do not use
the same program for a while (for example half an hour) and when I try to
re-run the application, it says that "Lock Aquisition failed on HP-IB
interface hpib7 on 2050_IP" and the error code is 814. When I close the
session and re-open it, it is again ok.
I think the 2050 causes this error. I don't know how to overcome this
problem. I fear that in case my test program runs very long, after a while
I may see this error window that terminates the whole test program.
Is there a time-out setting or something else for such a problem?

Any help would be appreciated.


Cagri Acar
Mikro Dalga ve Sistem Teknolojileri / Microwave and System Technologies
Elektrik Donanim Test Birimi        / Electrical Equipment Test Unit
PK 101 Yenimahalle Ankara/Turkey


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