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Question asked by VRFuser on May 24, 2000

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> Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2000 2:40 PM
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> Subject: vrf Timer
> Im using VEE 5.01 on a win 95 mashine, but a have some
> difficulty programming a "Timer" function.
> At Timer that starts on at specific signal and then runs for
> at given time and
> at the end of that periode activates another signal.
> I have tried with different buildin functions nothind seems
> working, either it
> starts at once or it delays the whole program.
> Any solution would be appreciated
> Carsten Carbel

Hello Carsten,

VEE's "Timer" object (Device pulldown menu - Timer) outputs the
difference in seconds between the activation times of the top and
bottom data input pins.  Use a Timer to measure how much time passes
between two events, such as objects operating.

I think you are asking for VEE's "Delay" object
(Flow pulldown menu - Delay) which waits a specified period of
time before activating its Done data output terminal.
Use Delay to delay execution of a thread segment for a specified
number of seconds.

I attach a simple example VEE 5.01 program.

Hope this helps!

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