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SolvedPrinted wiring in between the two ceramic layer

Question asked by wangyiliu99 on Dec 16, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2010 by wangyiliu99
Hi, everyone.

as for my package simulation, in the first step, for simplicity,
I used sheet body for the printed wiring. Now, I would like to
take the the wiring thickness into account. Therefore, I modified
the sheet to thicken it to several micrometers. Therefore,
the structure goes like this,
bottom layer, the ceramic, with thickness of 0.2 mm
sandwiched wiring , with thickness of 0.005 mm
upper layer, the ceramic, with thickness of 0.2 mm.

My question is that, to do it precisely, it is required to make bottom ceramic,
sandwiched wiring, top ceramic, finally stuff the in between air gap with ceramic.
Would this affect the calculation time greatly?

Or if I simply leave the air gap there, the results would be varying greatly?
Or if I just make the upper ceramic closely attached to the bottom ceramic,
leaving no air gap in between, would the result be credible?

With my great appreciations!