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vrf 2nd attempt - IPWorks UDP Solution

Question asked by bwalden on Oct 6, 2000
Here we go again - as near as I can tell, this message was not
"reflected" the 1st time so here is a 2nd attempt.  If I'm right, my
messages have not been passed on numerous times recently and I may not
be the only one.  Is anybody else seeing this?

Barrie Walden wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Another day of fiddling around has been enough for me to discover how to
> receive data via the IPWorks ActiveX network objects.  I can now
> broadcast data from a Vee application running on a computer in the shop
> and receive it with a Vee display application running in my office (same
> sub-net).  Unlike sockets, neither machine knows about the other and
> multiple machines can receive the broadcast.  There are no "time-outs"
> to worry about and nothing bad happens when either of the machines stops
> working.  If I used the IPWorks multi-cast capability, I wouldn't have
> the sub-net limitation and could probably graph my office temperature on
> my home machine.
> It seems that the assumptions made in my previous UDP message are
> correct.  IPWorks ActiveX and Vee are not as compatible as they could
> be.  The data reception input solution I discovered is not intuitively
> obvious, particularly if you have used other ActiveX objects with Vee in
> the past.  If anyone is interested in what I have learned I will be
> happy to send some sample code.  You can get a trial version of the
> IPWorks code by visiting their web site (
> Barrie
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