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Touchstone vs *.mdm File Inconsistency

Question asked by rfmdmodeler on Feb 14, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2008 by mknutson
I have noticed that the order of the transmission terms (S12 and S21) in Touchstone formatted and *.mdm formatted files are reversed.  Q1: Is there any particular reason for this ?  Q2: Can one simply edit the *.mdm file, transposing the column headers and get the correct behavior in ICCAP upon IMPORT ?  (I admit that I haven't fully explored doing this, but was wondering if you guys at EESOF have, and what the result is.  What I am wondering is if the IMPORT function re-sorts the data, looking for a specific order as specified by the *.mdm header).

Q3: is there a chance that the *.mdm header can be re-structured such that it conforms to the Touchstone convention (S21 data preceeds S12 data) ?