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Suggestion on the ICCAP interface

Question asked by SUNGJINHO on Feb 9, 2005
Latest reply on May 18, 2005 by ELSES

I'm not sure whether I still don't know the function after some experiences with ICCAP. Whenever I try to move the DUT or Setup where I want it to be, I can't move it.
After the multiple try and search for the solution in the manual, I think it's impossible to move DUT or setup according to my will(?). Is there any other way I don't know?
Whenever I try to copy DUT, setup, transform, or anyother thing, it doesn't allow the multiple selections.
While I copy and paste, it always put the pasted item on the bottom.
I think it's quite absurd(?) in this mighty window era.
I hope that in the next version ICCAP can have the drag and drop function in the interface.