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Defect of "goldenGateLib/YF"

Question asked by TNAKA on Nov 22, 2009
I have question about "goldenGateLib/YF".

If we choose "TYPE=2", "goldenGateLib/YF" is gamma(rho/phi) setting mode.
But there is no parameter for setting reference impedance.

Reference impedance is not treated as 50Ohm.
It seems "re" parameters for "impedance (re/imag)(TYPE=1)" setting mode is used as reference impedance value.

Why does not "goldenGateLib/YF" have z0, reference impedance parameter ?
Why does "goldenGateLib/YF" treat "re" parameters for "impedance (re/imag)(TYPE=1)" setting mode as reference impedance value ?
Why don't you arrange setting parameters of "goldenGateLib/YF" completely as same as "goldenGateLib/ZF" ?

We can't substitute YF with ZF.