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vrf hp8753a r/w cal data

Question asked by VRFuser on May 16, 2000
Hi all,

I try to read/write the calibration datas from/to HP8753A VNA.I have
written the following
programs to realize read/write operation.

After performing S11 calibration,I do the following actions;

1. Run the "INST_STATE_READ.vee" which reads the instrument state of
device and stores it to file
2. Run the "READ_CAL_DATA_FROM_HP8753A.vee" which reads the S11
calibration datas from VNA and stores them into
a file
3. Run the "INST_STATE_WRITE.vee" which writes the instrument state back
to VNA
4. Run the "WRITE_CAL_DATA_BACK.vee" which writes the calibration datas
back to VNA

After 4 steps everything is fine but "CAUTION:CALIBRATION REQUIRED"
message appears on VNAs display.
Why this happens?.Is anybody out there who experienced such a problem

thanks in advance.
Cengiz Eken