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vrf VRF Archives redux and administrivia

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 27, 2000
My apologies, as I appear to have created some confusion with my last
message about the vrf archives.  Hopefully this will help to clarify things.

First of all, please note the address in the following information.
Requests to the listserver software *MUST* go to
**, not to vrf.  So...

To get a listing of available archives, send the following message, exactly
as you see it here to

index vrf-digest

leave the subject line blank, and make this line the first one in the
message body.

This will return to you a list of the filenames of all available vrf

To get an individual archive, send the following message to
get vrf-digest filename

Again, leave the subject line blank, and make this line the first one in the
message body. 

Please note that the filename must be in the same format as shown in the
index list.  For example, if I wanted to get a copy of archive number 418
(the latest archive) I would send a message to,
and in the message body, I'd put:

get vrf-digest v01.n418

If you're a member of the vrf list, and you got the following message when
trying to get an individual archive:

**** List 'vrf-digest' is a private list.
**** Only members of the list can do a 'get'.
**** You aren't a member of list 'vrf-digest'.

please try again.  I've fixed a problem that kept vrf members from getting
at digest files.

An additional reminder.  Please do not send administrative messages such as
subscribe, unsubscribe, help, index, etc. to list subscribers by using  This address is for vrf messages only.  *All*
administrative messages should go to the
address.  Most admin type messages, when sent to vrf, are caught by
listserver filters and discarded to keep the list from getting cluttered
with mis-sent messages.

Finally, remember that if you have a problem with administrative listserver
software commands (subscribing, unsubscribing, address changes, etc.) and
you've already tried the help command, the proper address for getting list
help is

Thanks for your patience with this rather lengthy message.  I hope it helps,


Scott Turner
Agilent Technologies
Loveland, CO  USA
This is the "vrf" maillist, managed by Majordomo.  To send messages to
this maillist, just email to "".  Subscriptions and
unsubscriptions are done through the address "".
If you need details, just send a message containing the text "help"
to "".