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vrf To/From Socket connections

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 7, 2000
Hello all,

I am missing something here using the TO/FROM Socket.  I am sending data
from a remote PC VEE application to a VEE application in my lab PC.  I use
To/From Socket to bind and connect using the receiving PC IP address.  I
connect an error output of the To/From Socket to detect when the connection
could not be made or data received.  On the Bind Port side I check for data
ready by reading the IOSTATUS.  This all works fine initially.  But
sometimes the link will not pass data.  If the link is trying to send data
to the socket and there is no process running on the receiving PC I get the
connection refused by host (error 866).  This is correct.  If the receiving
socket is waiting for data and the sending PC is not sending I get an
connection has timed out error (error 853).  When I error out on the Bind
Port side I execute a Close and return to the data ready section.  I am
using the same port 5001 on both machines.

Do I need to setup a network connection in Windows 98 somewhere to identify
the remote PC so that the connection can be made?  Sometimes the data will
be passed continually for hours.  Other times I cannot get a connection at

Let me know if I am missing something here.

Hal Cornelius
Research Planning Inc.
China Lake, Ca.

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