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VRF error 729

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 8, 1999

I've had this error.  I got it when running a VXE file that contains
Direct I/O objects configured for instruments that aren't in the VEE.IO
file in the RunTime install directory.

For example, create a new instrument "newDevice", via Instrument
Manager.  Make it "NOT LIVE".  Create a VEE program that just has a
direct I/O for this instrument, with any old transaction, e.g. "*RST".
Save a secured RunTime version.  Now run the VXE file; you get error
729.  Now use the VEE 5.0 RunTime I/O Config program to add the same
instrument; the error disappears.

So, there are two different VEE.IO files, one for development VEE and
one for RunTime VEE.  Your instruments must appear in both.

Hope this helps,
Warren Pickles

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> Hello,
> I am getting error code 729 file format is invalid.  I have never had
> this come up before.  Anyone have any ideas.
> I am using HPVEE 5.0 some programs work some do not.
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