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sicl32.dll and and 8 serial ports

Question asked by aufenanger on Feb 9, 1999
Dear Ralf,

It sounds to me like a serial port problem like it is all the time when we
use a serial port. I think 20 ms waiting time can cause a timing problem.
Which operating system do you use? I would try to separate the reading
thread from the reset and trigger thread. I hope that will help just a

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     Hello everybody,

     we've got problems with the sicl32.dll. We got on 8 channels via RS
232 a
     continous data stream splitted into 15 Byte blocks (with pauses of
     20 ms). When we send the execute Reset command to all serial ports,
     sometimes lost the first Byte of only one 15 Byte block at only one
     port. We Trigger with an DAV on one serial port. The fault came
mostly in
     the serial port before( e.g. we trigger on serial channel 8, and we
see the
     fault in serial 7 ...) But not every time we get this fault and only
     first Byte is missing. Does anybody know where the problem could be?
     there a problem with the sicl32.dll? Are there any solutions to
solve the
     problem? ( We use VEE 5.01)


     Ralf Eichele