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VRF System Resources/Processor Usage

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 15, 1999
Latest reply on Mar 15, 1999 by VRFuser

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Randy Schad wrote:

> Just to confirm my position, I replace the OK button with a few other
> items... An If/Then, an integer input box, an alphanumeric display.  With
> any object I put in there, the resource monitor shows a completely different
> tally:
> System Idle Process:     0%
> Taskman:                    1%
> VEE:                         99%
> Now, unless I want to pause the execution flow of ALL subthreads (not a very
> welcome scenario for a multi-threaded data collection application in a test
> and measurement environment), I have to learn to cope with VEE using all
> available processor time, and not even relinquishing enough of it to perform
> an acceptable print job.

Well, I have several applications where I throw a lot of data to Excel via
DDE (in one case the results of a 32000 point fft) and excel takes the
data and does a lot of processing with it, and then returns.  It works
just fine.  VEE patiently waits until Excel has finished.  Perhaps VEE
uses 99% of processor time because you are not asking the computer to do
anything else; after all, you  don't want VEE  running at half speed just
in case something else wants some processor time.  I have never had a
problem printing from Excel while VEE is running in the background doing
data acquisition.