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FireWire and VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 11, 1999
Hello all,
We are trying to acquire real time data from a spin pit for our HCF
(High Cycle Fatigue) project.  HP Field Engineers recommended to use A C
size maninframe with the FireWire card (on the mainframe) and the
related PCI card (on the PC).  They were not able to suggest using VEE
for the project - they mentioned DAC EXPRESS and Matlab addition to VEE
and we really get confused.  I do not want to give the HP engineer's
name but he seemed like he does not like VEE at all (maybe this sort of
project).  I like to hear from people who has experience in using C size
mainframe - FireWire - and VEE in realtime data acquiring (if HCF
related will be perfect).  We are in the process of procuring the
related cards from HP - and need input from dear VEE users ASAP.
Best regards

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