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VRF, HP VEE Stepper Motor Drive Application?

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 16, 1999 wrote:
> From: Ted Sears
> Greetings all,
> What is the recommended way to use HP VEE with a stepper motor drive
> application?
> Hardware and control recommendations would be appreciated.
> thanks in advance,
> Ted
Try looking at the RS232 indexer/drivers available from compumotor or
superior electric or a host of other smaller companies.  Some allow
multiple indexer/drivers to be dropped of the RS232 line others use
RS485 or RS422 HW protocols which are more suitable for multi-dropping.
The VEE model could manage the individual indexer ramp or velocity
functions, some indexers feature a machine control language for doing
position control at the indexer level.  Generally, you would not want to
have VEE respond to any real time motion control unless it was extremely
sloooow and precision was not a big isssue.  Hope this helps.