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VRF-Gpib laptop

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 3, 1999
Malcolm Garnham <> wrote:
> Scott Anderson
> I have used one of the National Instruments PCMCIA-GPIB cards in NEC VERSA V50
> and Versa 2000 without problems using VEE4 and VEE5.
> Malcolm
> The National instruments PCMCIA-GPIB
> Here's a link
> ... _1=PCMCIA&
> x=29&y=15
> I have used this card with several different Dell laptops and Vee 4.  Never
> had any problems.

I've also used this card with VEE under WINDOWS 95 but
have generally been unsuccessful- to the point of giving up-
under Windows NT.

Do any of you reporting success use NT? If some of you are successful
maybe I'll give it another try.

Stan Bischof