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Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 5, 1999

from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 800-452-4844
to:   Vrf
date: Monday, 06 September 1999 1041 MDT

Hi All:

Thanks to the help of Jim in the lab and Brad in system administration, we
are now about ready to change the VRF over its current toylike manual
implementation, to a largely automated system (using the Majordomo software

This is just an "alert" to let you know what's happening, and things remain
the same for the next few days.

Here's the details:

% The new implementation provides several improved features, such as
   automated subscription and unsubscription to the list, automatic
   prepending of the "vrf" prefix to all VRF traffic message titles,
   automatic distribution of email digests, automatic appending of
   instructions to all VRF messages, and in particular bounces will be

% We are now testing the new system with a small group of people and
   will be ready to go to the new system on Tuesday evening, US mountain

   You do NOT need to sign up again!  All current subscribers will be
   automatically signed up on Tuesday evening.  A blastogram containing
   instructions for the new system will be sent over the old VRF just before
   the change.  Majordomo will also send email to everyone who gets signed

% The old VRF system will remain in place for a few days so we can pick
   up stragglers.  People asking to sign up before the change will be put
   on the old VRF system and then moved over automatically on Tuesday
   evening.  People asking to sign up after the change will be signed up
   on the new system automatically.

This message will be repeated on Monday (though this is a holiday in the
US) and Tuesday morning. 

[<>] gvg /
This is the "vrf" maillist, managed by Majordomo.  To send messages to
the vrf maillist, just email to:
Subscriptions and unsubscriptions are handled through the address:
If you need details, just send a message containing the text "help"
to this address.