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vrf Interrupt Handler

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 27, 1999
Hi Dave,
thanks for your response. I expected it .
The Fire Wire controller doesn't appear as a device in the
instrument manager ( it's only the VXI16 interface ) and I can't find
a status system like implemented in all other instruments I worked
with. In that I think it could be different from MXI but I don't know.
The description of the controller is very short and there is nothing
about event handling..
The only way to configure the controller is a Resource Manager
implemented in HP's I/O config ( my configuration attached ). I set
our VXI card to be the interrupter and the FireWireController to be
the handler for all IRQ lines. But as I said I had no success.
You're right, it's better to use an IRQ line other then the default. I'm
going to change that.
Thanks again
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