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Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 10, 1999
Hi All,

This isn't a VEE question but I'm hoping some HP8510C power users in the
group know the answer to this question: Does anybody know why with the
HP8510 power slope on, the RF drive power from its HP8360 Synth. is
approximately +3dB higher at each frequency using a frequency list mode
rather than  a single pt. or Step Mode. If I press the 'Power Slope ON'
button on the HP8510C during a long dwell at a frequency in the freq list
mode, for the duration of that frequency the power  returns to  the same as
in Step mode, however as soon as it steps to the next frequency it jumps up
by +3dB. Leveling is Internal, power flatness is off. If the power slope is
off, the output power is identical in all modes. Any ideas???