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VRf: ActiveX Components and VEE 5.01 (Runtime and Development)

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 15, 1999
Here's what I'm trying to do:

  I'm trying to use the 'Print Screen' object to create a hardcopy of
a panel.  However, I need the print out to be in landscape mode.  All this
has to be done in the RunTime environment (you can't select the printer
properties from a menu).

  I've figured out that by changing the 'default preferences' for the
printer setup in the development environment I can change the size of the
print out only on that machine (if the machine has both development and
runtime environments).  But the printer setup screen does not allow for
landscape/portrait modes.

  I've also figured out that I can add in a CommonDialog control and use
the 'ShowPrinter()' method and have the user select landscape mode, but
here's the problem with that:  My program uses a Panel Driver for an
HP4284 LCR meter.  The meter is installed on a PC which does not have
the proper Microsoft blessing which allows me to add a CommonDialog
control to my VEE program (I get 'The ActiveX control is not licensed for
use on this machine." error).  On another PC, I have the blessing (I
have VB 5.0 installed), but no GPIB interface.  If I add in the conrtol
using this PC, I lose the Panel Driver when I save the program.  Arrg!!! 
I'd rather not have to install all of VB5.0 in order to use one stupid

  So, there are two possible answers to my problem (that I can figure):
     1)  I don't need to use ActiveX at all.  I can go about it in a
         totally different way.

     2)  There is some version of the CommonDialog.dll (a single file)
         that will allow me to add it into a VEE program.

  Can anyone help me with this?  It's driving me crazy...  I'd like for
the user to only have to hit one button to do all of this, but beggers
can't be chosers eh?



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