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vrf Disabling Editing

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 5, 1999
I have tried this on the text constant object. The operation might be the same on your objects. The manual does not explain this. After some experimenting I found that the objects reacts to that enable/disable input which has recieved an execution LAST.
I put an IF/THEN/ELSE object in front of the enable/disable inputs, where I connect the THEN output to enable and the ELSE output to the disable input. By giving this IF/THEN/ELSE object the correct conditions, execution will leave the object either via the THEN output or the ELSE output. The execution out pin is left unconnected. This will control the enabled/disabled property of the object. Would have been nice if this had been explained in the help system.

Good luck, Jens Johnsen.

From:      Niki Evans
Sent:      6. oktober 1999 00:10
Subject:      vrf Disabling Editing

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This is probably a fundamental question but time is short.

I am trying to programatically enable/disable editing on a number of selection controls (eg continuous integer slider).  I can add the required control inputs to the Slider but the question is what do I need to present to these control inputs for desired operation.   For example, I have tried to connect integers of 1 and 0 to an enable edit pin and neither of these values change the behaviour of the slider.  Similarly, I have tried adding a disable edit control.  As soon as I connect anything of any value to the disable edit pin, the slide becomes un-editable.

Can someone shed some light?

Many thanks


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