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Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 31, 1999
send q VRF_Reminders vrf

from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 800-452-4844
to:   VRF
date: Sunday, 31 January 1999 1628 MST

Reminders For Using The VRF

* This short message is a reminder for procedures for using the VRF.  It is
posted monthly.  Comments on procedures follow:

% For address and subscription changes, please email "".
   Please do not direct such correspondence to the reflector address.

% It is recommended that messages be sent in plain text format, as they
   will generally be most easily read on emailers and use the least
   bandwidth.  Use of HTML format is discouraged.  Most emailers will have
   a configuration setting to specify the message format.

% Please include the suffix "VRF-" in the titles to your messages as a
   courtesy to readers.  Also please include reasonable name and address
   information in the body of your messages as a similar courtesy.

% Please use judgement when posting large files to the reflector (with
   "large" defined roughly as more than 50 KB).  There is no need to submit
   programs that are not of general interest or are intended for one reader,
   or send bitmap images to relay an error message.  Such large postings use
   a great deal of bandwidth and involve expense when sent to hundreds of

% VEE reflector traffic is also available in a digest form, published
   roughly once every two days and containing all the traffic in a single
   file.  Binaries are included in-line in UUENCODEd format.

% There is also a monthly newsletter named Exchange that deals with VEE and
   other topics.  Please contact "" with name, email address,
   and specific request to sign up.

% For VEE users wishing to use a newsgroup to correspond, the newsgroup
   "comp.sys.hp.apps" ("HP computer system applications") is appropriate.
   Please note that this is a public service not affiliated with HP, that
   newsgroups may or may not be available through your service provider, and
   that responses to postings are not guaranteed.

[<>] regards -- greg goebel