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motion control solutions

Question asked by hansolofalcon on Feb 18, 1999
Hello from Gregg Levine at Jedi Knight Computers
We use HPVEE 5.01 for non-hpib based control tests. Currently it is using
the serial i/o connection for this. A book written for the IBM-PC, by one
of the developers of that same machine states that the game input can be
used for such. Hence I would be interested in receiving a copy of your
Joystick DLL. Naturally, if need be, I'll sign any non-disclosure
agreement, to control releasing of this DLL, within the company.
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Gregg C Levine
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On Friday, February 19, 1999 9:30 AM,
[] wrote:
| V.Chandrasekhar,
| >Is it possible to control an PCI or ISA based hardware through VEE.
| >I am using HPVEE 5.0
| Yes, as long as the card has a DLL or Device Driver then it is possible.
I have
| built a few machines that have stepper motors and a PZT device for
|  On one machine I have a 3 axis stage and a PZT.  There is two
| gauges and a load cell.  All controlled by Vee.  I either type in info
into a
| input box in order to do some tests or I use a PC joystick as an input
device to
| move the 3 axis and the PZT around.
| The stepper motors and PZT are controlled by CyberResearch's CTM10 which
is a
| programmable counter/timer.  The signals out of the card go into some
| circuitry that goes to the motors and the PZT amplifier.  The CTM10 has
| digital I/O for some control.  The interface between the CTM10 and Vee is
| through a DLL.  Vee talks to the PC joystick via a DLL I wrote (write me
if you
| want the joystick DLL).  The analog signals from the load cell and cap
| are fed into a DMM wchih talks to Vee over IEEE-488.
| This setup yields a very customizable machine.  If you want to add a
sensor or
| two the hardware and software is flexible enough for it.
| Marco.