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simultaneous execution, Network analyzer and motor control

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 12, 1999
I've run into this before.  After issuing the "SING" command to the network
analyzer, do not issue the "OUPDATA" command right away, or VEE will wait
for the sweep to finish and the data to be transferred.  You can either put
a fixed wait transaction between the two commands, since you know your sweep
time to be 60 seconds you could use 59, or you can use a SRQ event to tell
you the sweep is finished.  You can also issue the SING command in a
separate IO object, then run through the motor movement loop, then at the
end of the loop use another IO object to issue the OUTPDATA command and read
back the data.

Hope this helps.

-Jeff Pahl
EMS Technologies, Inc.
Norcross, GA

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> Subject:      VRF: simultaneous excecution, Network analyser and motor
> control
> <<File: Countinous measurement final.vee>>
> Hi All,
> I am using VEE 5 with network analyser for antenna measurement. I am
> trying
> to sweep the network analyser for 60sec at constant frequency. At the same
> time I want the motor to be moved at constant speed.
> I tried to put a "until break loop" , but is did not work the way I
> wanted.
> Serial port is activated only after the network analyser has finished the
> sweep.
> How can I modify this program to have both the functions ( sweep NA while
> the motor is in move) to be possible .
> Many thanks in advance for any help.
> Regards
> santhosh
>  <<Countinous measurement final.vee>>