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VRF Memory Leak issues

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 12, 1999

I am interested in any information I can obtain on memory leaks using VEE
5.01 I expect there are documented conditions that could be used to help me
correct my code.
Perhaps, Greg has all correspondence on the reflector archive somewhere and
this could be sent to me. I have been on and off the reflector at various
times and I have archived the mailings. I recall discussions in the past
about this problem,  but I do not have any archives that describe the do's
and don'ts.

The code in question is using the web server to allow the display of 3
graphs (each individual panels) on another panel that I am generating. At
times when accessed  with a web browser with the ViewVee argument, my server
crashes 2 of the 3 panels that I have displayed. and displays the detail
view of the code instead. I can ViewPanel? UserFunctionName each and every
panel individually without a problem.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Richard N. Soucy

910.675.6791 (work)
910.371.8163 (page)