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vrf Can it or Can't it?

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 22, 1999
We use HP's Benchlink Arb software to upload user shapes to our arbs. I've
personally sent all points because that's what I had to go by but another
engineer where I work programs the arbs using the front panel with start/
end points. I don't know about panel drivers. Never needed 'em. The files I
use are simple .csv comma delimited files I whipped up in Excel and saved as
.csv so Benchlink arb could read them. You can also send them using a direct
I/O object in vee. That's how I'd do it if/when I needed to.

-Andy Kronquist
Outboard Marine Corp.

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> Hello,
> I have 2 simple (I think) waveforms I wish to generate using the 33120A
> with HP Vee version 5. The Panel Driver does NOT seem to allow the
> parameters I wish. I am using the User's Guide, and have not as yet
> purchased the instrument.
> 1. Exponential
> A) I need a signal of -10V to Gnd into 50 ohms, starting with a negative
> step, then exponential rise. Is this possible? I cannot program an offset,
> and have no definition of whether the exponential rise is unipolar.
> B) While the PRF I need is 1kHz, I wish (but don't absolutely require) the
> exponential rise to be quick, about 1-2 uS risetime. How do I specify
> 2. Pulse
> A) I want a 10 uS positive pulse, 1 kHz PRF, 5V to Gnd into 50 ohms. It
> seems easy enough from the instructions on how to push buttons on the
> panel, but is it necessary to specify ALL points in a user created Arb
> waveform over the bus? I cannot find any equivalent to Start & End points
> software, or any way to define a user Arb in the panel driver.
> Thanks in advance for any help
> Paul

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