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VRF - Feedback and Program Flow

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 19, 1999
     It's my experience that the only way to legally loop in VEE is to use
a loop object, such as a For Count, For Range, On Cycle or Until Break.
Set up your program this way and it should work fine:

          Step 1
                         Step 2
               Until Break---------------
              |                  |
              |                       Step 3
              |                            |
              |                            |
              |                     Repeat?---->Y------Next
          Step 4                           |
                                  |                                N
           End                        |

This set up is a loop that will continue to repeat Step 3 until the user
selects "No".  The loop objects (including Next and Break) are located
under the Flow->Repeat Menu.

Hope this helps,

Richard Michelli