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Timing questions.

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 7, 1999

> Is there some other way of doing timing?  I don't need very good
> resolution +/- 10 seconds/ 100 hours would be more than enough.

It is possible that some of your 1 second On Cycle timer loops periodically
take a bit more than 1 second - possibly during disk access or other W98
overhead housekeeping.  This may also be caused by nesting the On Cycle
objects.  Because there is no time reference, using On Cycle objects will
mask this occurrence and result in "missing" time.

If your PC clock is good enough for your resolution requirements of +/- 10
seconds/ 100 hours, you could use the now() function to get the time and
process the PID whenever the seconds value (ones digit) changes and read
the 34970A whenever the tens digit changes. 

You may need to check if 2 or more seconds elapse between iterations and
adjust the PID output accordingly.


Bruce Wenner
HP St. Paul