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timer reading

Question asked by kozlov on Feb 7, 1999
Hi, Bruce
Thanks you ever so much. Your advises are very helpful always.
Using your example I detected some correlation between readings of timer and
profiler. It is 4:1. It seems to me  this value does not depend on PC
I would like to see full time of function execution on profiler since I use
same functions with appreciably different initial data. On the one hand I
use breakpoints if I built my program with Formula object having Formula
control pin. On the other hand I can?t calculate full time of execution of my
Userfunction if, for example, both Userfunction1 and Userfunction2 use
Userfunction3 sending array with different dimension.

I would be vastly obliged to you if you help me to understand Statusbar
behavior. As I have already written, if I use Start object, I see word
?Running?  on Statusbar. If I use Run button, I see the word ?Ready? on
Statusbar, however VEE is running a program. This appears in all programs
(Solitaire, your panel driver example) well known by me. 

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Mikhail Kozlov