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Matlab tool to load I/Q data to VSG such as the 4338 and others.

Question asked by on Mar 10, 2012
This is my solution to the problem of Agilent's new Waveform Download Assistant requiring the inst control toolbox with the new versions of Matlab as described in the first 2 links shown here.

My solution is just like the old Agilent Waveform Download Assistant but allows you to use the new version of Matlab without purchasing the extra toolbox.

Packaged up all of Agilent's files and rewrote the old dll  into an m file.  agt_sgIOmx.m.

All you need is NI or Agilent's visa installed.

Download the attached file and change it from "setup.txt" --> "setup.exe" and run it....Start loading your IQ files onto your VSG from Matlab without paying Matlab the extra fee for the toolbox.

Installs just like the Agilent one but has BB apended.  Easily removes from the add/remove menu.  You can modify to work with 64 bit easily in agt_sgIOmx.m

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