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Re2: Analogue input without speacial i/o card?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 21, 1999
Stan Bischof <> wrote:
> "John Byrne" <> wrote:
> > Can anyone please help me with any info related to aquiring a single
> > channel, 0-5Vdc analogue input  into a PC using a serial or the parallel
> > port and no special i/o card?
> Haven't ever used one of these but I imagine you'd find one
> pretty fast with a web search.for something like
> "serial port data acquisition module".

Did just a little searching and found something that might
be close to what you need

perhaps a little overkill (11 channel, 10 bit, plus 3 digital I/O)
but quite cheap and simple and small nonetheless.

Please note that I know nothing about this company or their
products or usage with VEE, but according to their description
( 3 commands in total) it has to be pretty easy to use in VEE,
and it would seem to perhaps meet your needs.



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