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Overriding default timeout on HPIB.

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 17, 1999
You can create a new instrument in the manager, which may use the same
driver but with a long timeout for example (ie: Spectrum Analyzer XY long
Now you can use this Instrument whenever you want to make measurements where
you need to have a long timeout.
The only possibility to read the current setting of the timeout I am aware
of, is to read the file and interpret it.

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Subject: Vrf: Overriding default timeout on HPIB.

> I want to set the timeout for HPIB objects explicitly in some cases.
> I then use the Timeout control input in the direct I/O object.
> BUT I want to keep the DEFAULT timeout set in the Instrument manager for
those objects where I do not use the Timeout control input.
> To my surprise, using the Timeout control input seems to set the default
timeout  in the instrumentmanager. Is this really so?
> In that case I suddenly have to account for timeout in all objects
everywhere in my program. Also I can not rely on the timeout set in the
instrument manager when starting another program. If I have to save changes,
this also implies setting the the default timeout to the value last used in
this particular program.
> How do I keep the default timeout?
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