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vrf - Unlicensed ActiveX Controls ...

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 16, 1999
I've got around this problem using a method which is probably not the
preferred method but...

Install a small VB program that contains the activeX controls on the target

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Subject: vrf - Unlicensed ActiveX Controls ...

> Hi,
> I have created a series of Vee programs, all using ActiveX components
(RichTextBox and CommonDialog).
> These have been supplied with Visual Studio 6 (SP3).
> BUT - When the application is distributed, some of the stations report the
error :
>   ActiveX Component could not be created
>   The ActiveX Control is not licensed for use on this machine
> Microsoft's Support specifies  ...
>      If you make the outer Visual Basic control licensed, embedded
licensed controls
>      will be created successfully. You can turn on licensing by selecting
>      Properties, clicking the General tab and checking "Require License
> Any idea how this problem is got around in Vee ???
> Any help or advise would be gratefully appreciated !
> James