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ZOC's, HP14753A CAT Program and HP6944A

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 23, 1999
I am trying to rewrite/replace a program (package), which was originally
generated in HP Instrument Basic on a HP300/9000 Basic machine, with HP VEE.
  They used couple of ZOC-14 s from Scanivalve Corporation
( and the HP6944A for I/O.  The communication/control of
the HP6944A was managed with the use of the software package called CAT
(HP14753A).  I did a search from the VEE driver's list homepage and found
nothing.  I also did search the Test&Measurements homepage (HP) and found no
trace of either HP6944A or HP14753A.  Scanivalve corporation has no VEE
drivers for the ZOC-14 model at all.  This points out that the system is
obsolete.  Therefore, I desparately need inputs from the VRf.  How can I
achive the goal of rewriting this  software in VEE?  Is there any one out
there with the experience of VEE and ZOCs or VEE and HP6944A?
I certainly appreciate your precious time for even reading this posting.
TPL, NPS - Monterey.

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