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AW: Dynamically input data from Excel format to VEE record array

Question asked by bernhardt on Aug 11, 1999
We recently purchased four infinium scopes for use with VEE with Win NT 4.0
and communicating using HP-IB. We don't however use any drivers. It's direct
I/O as is everything else in our system. I would like to mention that we use
our scopes to measure area under the curve and the all infiniums we have are
prone to locking up the HP-IB bus, or somewhere along the line. Upgrading
the infinium software didn't seem to help. Tech support says it looks to
them like the scope is simply waiting for a trigger, but pushing the stop /
run / and clear buttons (or any buttons) have no effect. They did suggest a
cure to the lockup though. In I/O > Advanced I/O you can choose interface
events on the hp-ip bus and do a low level clear. After that we also need to
do a direct I/O *RST and CLEAR to the infinium to get it to properly reset.
Just thought I'd mention that in case you run into problems.

-Andrew Kronquist

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> We have a new Infinium scope and would like to hook it up to the HP-UX
> workstation.  We are using HPVEE4.0 and I haven't been able to find a cid
> file.  The only driver for it is a self extracting windows program.  Has
> anyone hooked up one of these?
> Frank
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