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HP54810A O-scope

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 11, 1999
We recently purchased four infinium scopes for use with VEE with Win NT 4.0
and communicating using HP-IB. We don't however use any drivers. It's direct
I/O as is everything else in our system. I would like to mention that we use
our scopes to measure area under the curve and the all infiniums we have are
prone to locking up the HP-IB bus, or somewhere along the line. Upgrading
the infinium software didn't seem to help. Tech support says it looks to
them like the scope is simply waiting for a trigger, but pushing the stop /
run / and clear buttons (or any buttons) have no effect. They did suggest a
cure to the lockup though. In I/O > Advanced I/O you can choose interface
events on the hp-ip bus and do a low level clear. After that we also need to
do a direct I/O *RST and CLEAR to the infinium to get it to properly reset.
Just thought I'd mention that in case you run into problems.

-Andrew Kronquist

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> We have a new Infinium scope and would like to hook it up to the HP-UX
> workstation.  We are using HPVEE4.0 and I haven't been able to find a cid
> file.  The only driver for it is a self extracting windows program.  Has
> anyone hooked up one of these?
> Frank
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