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retrieving data from excel

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 26, 1999


I am using vee as an acivex controller to excel. Before the first test, I
prompt the operator to enter: p/n, job no, work order no, and
operator no. This data gets stored in the desingated cells in excel.

Then right before the test I prompt the operator to enter the serial no.
There is a unique serial no. for each board or test I do. This also gets
stored in excel.

After the first test the only thing I keep promting for is the serial no.

I would like to store this data over a 1 year period for tracability

After x amounts of tests I would like to save the file.
How can I save the file that includes the serial no.?

save as: filename.serialno_1.serialno_2.serialno_3.excel   etc, etc.

6 months from now I would like to pull a test record on a desired serial no.

Is this possible?
HOw do I retrieve data from excel to make this possible?

please advise

thank you