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vrf Records

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 1, 1999
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2002 by VRFuser
You can retrieve the field names from an Access table using the name
property of the Field object contained in the Fields collection (ADO).
Then, using these names, you can retrieve the desired fields/records.  I
haven't actually done this so I don't have an example to send you.

Of course, you can always retrieve a recordset using a SQL statement (like
"SELECT * FROM tblCalData) without referencing any field names.  But the
resulting recordset is useless in VEE unless you convert it to something you
can use (I have userfunctions to convert them to VEE records).  But my
functions require knowing the field names in advance.

Hope this helps,

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> Is there any way to retreve an entire record from
> Access without knowing the field names in advance?
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> Greg Grenier
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