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What is in the system installed?

Question asked by bwalden on Jul 21, 2000

I was hoping somebody would answer your question so I could learn
something.  I see nobody has so I'll put in my two cents worth on the
RS232 aspect.  I order to be of real help I need to know if the ports
you are looking for have been "defined" using the HP "I/O Configure"
program and assigned instruments using the Vee "Instrument manager".  If
this has been done, I can send you some code which reads the file
and returns the instrument list and serial port Logical Unit Numbers but
it does not provide the hardware port numbers.  If you are looking for
serial ports which have not been defined with I/O Configure, I can send
some code which uses the MSComm ActiveX object to scan for available
ports and provides hardware port numbers.

As you suggested, there must be a way to read the registry or use a
Windows APL to determine what serial ports are available on the system.
Perhaps someone else can enlighten us both.

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